Wild World Subscription £15

Experiencing a Festival from the comfort of your own home, is quite simply the coolest thing to do right now!

The thing is, we do really connect. Some of our best friends and mentors can
emerge through the wonderful world of the internet. Life-changing happening,
uplifting transformations it’s all possible through the Mighty World Wide Web.
The coming together of tribes is happening all over the internet with the
development of super up to the minute software.

We at Wild World are passionate about bringing together community and sharing
the joy of the creative journey.

So here it is – a whole two-day experience – the real deal, Online Festival
beamed out across the Globe with our cutting edge Live streaming software. An
exquisite gathering of Performing Artists mix it up over a spectacular weekend of

It’s just so simple to join us via the Facebook page, making a donation here if you would like
and the door opens to a magical mystery tour into the realms of the Festival stars we
all know and love.

Wild World will be providing a once a month three-day Festival extravaganza
so keep tuned for what’s coming up next month. During the month the
Performing Artists taking part in the Festival for that month will share live promo
videos of their latest work, and creative process. The Festival from the previous
month will still be viewable for fans to enjoy for the whole month leading
up to the new Festival.

To experience the wonders of the Wild World Festival, click here and become
a fan of the Wild World community page and be part of a fantastic creative tribe sharing their passions and skills.

Click here to dive into the Wild World Festival community Facebook page experience![/vc_column_text]