Lucidia and Rafael

Music to inspire and uplift

“I have been lucky enough to witness many performances by Lucidia & Rafael and their music is absolutely mesmerizing. After first hearing them I booked the full band to play one of our main stages straight away and will aim to book them every year onwards!! Their music touches the hearts of the audience like no other… it’s safe to say I am one of their number 1 fans !!”

Lak mitchell – Founder and Creative Director of Boomtown Festival UK

Lucidia Omamori (BA Songwriting): Harp and Vocals

She was born into an alternative family. Blessed as a Sufi at birth, she spent her childhood making regular visits to Buddhist monasteries, spending time with Krishnamurti among other spiritual teachers, including making regular visits to the White Eagle Lodge. Her maternal grandfather was a published poet and her paternal great grandfather an Italian opera singer. She grew up singing backing vocals in her father’s band and began writing poetry at age 4. She was initiated into the Native American Indian church over 20 years ago with the Arapaho tribe and was recognised by Japanese Zen Shinto priest “Ryuho Yamada”, holder of the Bodhidharma transmission. She lived with him at the temple of compassionate light (Jikoji, CA) where she practiced Zazen and studied Shiatsu and Buddhist chanting as well as being immersed into Shinto mythology. She has two teenage children and started playing harp when her children were babies. She is in the process of compiling her life works of poetry into a book to publish next year.

“Lucidia Omamori is a highly talented singer songwriter whose transcendent melodies and poignant lyrics inspire deep reflection, insight and joy. A voice for our age.” Jocelyn Pook, Composer, musician, producer.

“Thank you for expressing your Buddha nature so professionally.” Alex Grey, visionary artist.

Rafael Marchante Angulo (BA JAZZ): Guitar and Vocals

Rafael is a Spanish guitarist from Valencia. He began his musical journey as a self-taught guitarist and songwriter back in 1993. Since then he has created and performed music in many contexts and formats. Throughout the years he’s gathered many influences that have each added a flavour to his versatile musical expression. He graduated from a BA Jazz focused on the study of musical performance and arrangement at Middlesex University.

“Rafael is a brilliant guitarist with a deep musical knowledge. He is extremely versatile both in the studio and live. He’s a very quick learner. We play new pieces at short notice and his playing and singing are of a very high quality.”  Andrea Terrano (Iguana Productions)

“Rafael is one of the few musicians I met travelling worldwide that maintains an extremely high vibration with his music, song after song, both through his proficiency on the guitar and singing and his deep spiritual connection. A pleasure to play with and also to sit and listen to.” Kuauhtli Vasquez (Native American Church Roadman and Sundancer)

Lucidia and Rafael:

Lucidia and Rafael have been playing together since 2010. They met and fell in love musically and romantically embarking on an intense journey that has been both challenging and rewarding with a deep musical alchemy at the core of their entwinement. Through their combined creativity they find their harmony. 

Due to the philosophical and spiritual slant to their eclectic writing styles they have been playing at many alternative events and venues, including festivals, yoga/meditation retreats, spiritual circles, sound healing events and private celebrations such as weddings and birthday parties. 

Lucidia and Rafael are committed to making music that brings hope, promotes spiritual growth and ecological awareness, whilst fuelling a positive outlook on life. Their music transports the listener to a realm where senses are soothed and joy is reawakened. Their lyrical and melodic style is infused with passion, ranging from soulful and funky to mellow and spacious, delivered with the grace of a celestial lullaby. As a duo, they have released an electro-acoustic album of Lucidia’s compositions “Awake to Wonder” (2012) and an acoustic EP of co-written songs “Beauty of the Night” (2015), as well as an EP of Lucidia’s songs “Soul Calling” (2019) under the alias “Shrinari”. Now they perform as “Lucidia and Rafael” and have released under this title a further EP of Rafael’s compositions “Music Changes Worlds” (2018) and more albums are being created.

“Lucidia and Rafael are an incredible duo, their music ranges from the most sublime mantras with depth and subtlety to full power get-up-and-boogie medicine music. All of their music takes you on a deep inner journey in their offering to the Divine. They have worked extensively with many traditions of medicine music and they are both outstanding songwriters in their own right. A whole week of their music would not be enough to be able to share the breadth of their offering.” Rita Hraiz (Wisdom Keeper, Visionary Artist and founder of


Music and Poetry Performance

We can play a concert of our music and weave in spoken poetry by Lucidia.


We want to bring musical magic to your most precious day. We perform as an acoustic duo but we can also be a full seven piece band and anything in between to suit your preference. We are very versatile. We have an extensive repertoire of original material spanning many genres and moods to fit any situation which includes instrumentals. We also have plenty of experience playing popular spiritual songs from many traditions including Buddhist, Hindu, West African, Bahai, Hebrew, Brazilian and Native American faiths amongst others. We can adapt classical pieces and cover any popular song that may be your favourite. We expand our repertoire on a regular basis so please don’t hesitate to request anything you would like to hear.

“What made our wedding even more special was to have such a magical couple playing such beautiful music for us at our wedding, reflecting our love back to us both through the music and their presence.” Caspar & Hannah Leopard

“It was really special to have Lucidia and Rafael play at our wedding reception. Everyone enjoyed their eclectic music and many said it gave our party a touch of something divine..” Pawel Wiacek and Tina Kansara

Yoga Events/Classes

We play for yoga lessons, workshops and retreats. We adapt to the needs of each part of the class, playing quiet instrumentals when the teacher is giving explanations, playing invigorating music in the more challenging parts of the class and singing heart opening kirtan whenever requested. We also do sound healing during savasana, using a variety of instruments traditionally used for this purpose. We work for popular teachers such as Bridget Woods Kramer, Sianna Sherman, Jean Hall & Leyla Sadaghee.

“Amazing! I’ve had the extraordinary honor of having them sing for my yoga events and it always melts my heart wide open with the most immense GRATITUDE! Thank you beautiful Lucidia and radiant Rafael for your devotion, dedication and embodiment of LOVE. Blessed Be.” Sianna Sherman

Cacao Ceremonies

We offer cacao ceremonies with the unique recipe developed by Lucidia (former owner of the raw chocolate company “Chocolate Evolution”) which is remarkably delicious. Our ceremonies combine prayer around the sacred fire, our music, sound healing, yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance. Participants are also invited to receive an energy healing focusing on clearing stagnant energy and opening to the new. We work with a specific intention using the cacao as an activator and heart opener. They run Cacao Ceremonies at TriYoga and the Life Centre in London.

Massage Therapy

Lucidia is also a world class Massage Therapist and Shiatsu practitioner, trained by Ryuho Yamada, (direct student of Masunaga-founder of Zen Shiatsu). She has worked at TriYoga London for the last 15 years and worked previously in California at “Osmosis” voted America’s best day spa multiple years running. She also had her own practice in Santa Rosa California. She blends techniques of Therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial release and Shiatsu. If you were thinking of having entertainers and therapists at your event she can be both!

Gardinia’s Scent

Like a Flame

She Is Your  Mother

Gira Gira

Listen Up

Falling Tower (Poem)

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