Experience the joys of staying close to nature, in beautiful surroundings under canvas.
Choose from a wide range of Yurts and Ti-Pi’s on offer, with luxury interiors, rugs, comfy beds and atmospheric lighting.

Making Tipis and Yurts for sale and hire since 1999

Hearthworks was established in 1999 offering bespoke Tipis and Yurts for sale – handcrafted using traditional techniques, modern specifications and the best materials we could find.

From the outset we offered traditional Tipi hire across the UK and Europe including Festivals, Weddings, Private celebrations, Corporate functions, Glamping holidays and more. This soon included a professional Yurt hire service and options for luxury furnishings, beds and power.

For the last 15 years we have been managing the Tipis at Glastonbury Festival.


Private Hire and Weddings

Whatever your needs, Hearthworks can provide sensational glamping experiences for you and all your guests.

Hearthworks Private Hire Service

Hearthworks provides a hire service that offers an easy way to taste the adventure of Tipis and Yurts. We can install the structures in the location of your choice, whether it’s a back garden or a deserted beach. Although we are mainly UK-based, we have undertaken numerous jobs in Europe and even further afield.

We also hire Tipis and Yurts at a number of recommended campsites in South-West England. Please enquire for details.

Europe’s largest selection of Tipis & Yurts

Choose from six different sizes of both Tipi and Yurt and add extras such as furnishings, beds and power. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway for two, or pop-up event accommodation for two hundred, Hearthworks have a solution.

duo tipi
duo tipi
small tipi
small tipi
large tipi
large tipi
extra large tipi
extra large tipi
giant tipi
giant tipi
duo yurt
duo yurt
small yurt
small yurt
medium yurt
medium yurt
large yurt
large yurt
extra large yurt
extra large yurt
giant yurt
giant yurt
trilodge tipi
trilodge tipi
tipi tent
tipi tent

Unforgettable Experiences

Weddings and special celebrations deserve that extra effort to create unforgettable peak experiences. We work together with all our clients to create bespoke conceptual events and provide solutions combining our structures and practical capabilities with your vision for the event.

Dedicated Production

The most important celebrations require real attention to detail and commitment. We focus on creating the environment to uplift the experience of all the participants and guests. We bring a dedicated production team, meticulous planning and the crucial synchronisation of all the ingredients to aid us in creating a success of your occasion.

Diverse Ambiances

With a huge choice of additions, sound and lighting, furniture, dancefloors, staging, power, PA’s and fully themed interiors can be selected from our partner suppliers, adding real depth to the range and diversity of the ambiences we can create. Our production staff are on call to help ensure the smooth and professional set up and running of every event.

Honeymoon Suites

For Wedding nights we can create a lavishly decorated bedroom suite. A Honeymoon Tipi or Yurt, opulently furnished with rugs, sheepskins, bolsters, decorative lanterns and flowers makes for an unforgettable night. We can provide a beautiful hand carved rustic double bed and extras such as power, lighting, a roaring fire or elegant wood burning stove. As far as guest accommodation is concerned, our boutique accommodation with over 300 beds available can ensure everyone is accommodated in true luxury.

Spectacular Party Spaces

Single Giant Tipis and Yurts can hold up to 100 people, and for larger groups we can interlink the structures, combine lounge, dancing and dining to create truly spectacular spaces. These interlinked structures are ideally suited to informal banquets and celebrations.

Pamper Parlours and Pop-Up Spas

Specialist structures can offer unique additions to any event. Our offerings include a Yurt Pamper Parlour with mirrors and hairdryers, an incredible Tipi Bar, and a wood-fired Yurt Sauna – part of our Pop Up Spa experience. Though our event production network, we have recommended and trusted partners who can supply catering services, showers and toilet facilities, PAs, sound and lighting installation services.

Festival Guide 2019

Hearthworks are one of the UK’s leading providers of glamping at festivals.
Taste the magic of Tipis and Yurts at a festival this summer and book with Hearthworks.
We are the official Tipis and Yurt suppliers to Glastonbury Festival and to the other festivals listed below.

Event Services

As a pioneer of the expansion of the boutique camping industry at UK events over the last decade. Our public structures, accommodation and VIP areas continue to be a regular highlight of many of the most renowned events in the UK. We are a firmly established event accommodation provider with over 18 years solid experience of providing quality production with the very best in luxury tented accommodation.

Dedicated Reception & Maintenance

Each event’s Tipi & Yurt Village is produced to your specific requirements by our Production Team, to ensure a high standard for the area as a whole. We take customer care as the key to the area’s success. Our Reception provides the main point of contact for our guests on site, with our dedicated support staff on hand to help guests settle in and take care of them throughout their stay.

Event Services Reception

Yurt Sauna and Spa

We have created our very own wood-fired Yurt Sauna, a complete ‘Nomadic Spa’. The 10ft Sauna Yurt is finished in striking black canvas, and has a beautiful carved wooden door. It can hold up to 12 people and is enclosed within a private garden area that includes a changing room Tipi and outdoor shower. Adding a touch of fun and rejuvenation to any event, the Sauna is a great way to stay healthy and clean whilst enjoying outdoor living.

Tipi Yurt Cafe

The Tipi Cafe is housed in a cluster of large Tipis that can seat up to 50 people. The idea of the Cafe is to provide a relaxing ‘chill out’ space with comfy seating and a colourful ambience. The Cafe sells a range of hot beverages and snacks provided by a qualified and experienced catering team. With its roaring fire the Tipi Cafe can become a social focal point, as well as being a cosy and welcome retreat from the main event. Please contact us for more details.


Ancient Futures Venue

We created the Ancient Futures as part of the Tipi Field at Glastonbury Festival to highlight the relevance of ancient indigenous cultures and their wisdom to our future and that of the planet. The Ancient Futures venue offers itself as a celebration and inspiration for all who seek a better world. The venue itself host a programme of inspirational talks, workshops, poetry and performances, and is housed in a giant 30ft Yurt joining a huge Tipi space that together holds over 150 people.

Corporate Events

Our Tipis and Yurts bring a special flavour to any professional or company event. From unique accommodation units to complete event solutions, just contact Hearthworks to discuss your requirements.

Unique Corporate Events

Our Tipis and Yurts bring a special flavour to any professional or Corporate event. If you require a training and presentation space, or just a simply need some unique and stylish accommodation to create an ambiance, or even want to re-create that uplifting boutique festival feel. Whether its event accommodation, filming on location, company parties or trade shows, with over 300 beds available we can accommodate everyone involved in true tribal luxury.

Bespoke Experiences

We work together with our clients to ensure what best suits any requirements, and how our Tipis and Yurts can enhance the experience of all the event participants and guests. For business events which require meeting for mutual inspiration, presentations, coaching or training, our Giant Tipis and Yurts are ideal. Additional furnishings items, professional sound and lighting, furniture, dancefloors, staging, PA’s and themed interiors can be individually selected from our suppliers, adding to the range and diversity of the ambiences we can create. We can have staff on call for both the installation and the smooth running of your event.

Inspired by Nature

The natural inspiration of our structures gives an edge over traditional corporate training environments. Here your team will discover the power of working in a circle, the unity and inspiration to embrace new approaches and strategies. The flaming fire of a big Tipi builds the team in a different context, one of inspiration and natural unity. Together we can create environments that will infuse your meetings and trainings with enthusiasm and creativity.

Designed to Unwind

Specialist themed structures can offer unique additions to company events and parties. Sweat out your stresses with our wood fired Yurt Sauna, as part of our Pop Up Spa experience. Treat yourself to our Yurt Pamper Parlour with mirrors and hairdryers, or get chatty with colleagues in our incredible Tipi Bar.

Furnishings and Furniture

We one of the few UK importers of spectacular handmade Kyrgyz feltwork. This includes beautiful pure wool felt rugs, known as Shyrdaks, and stunning decorative felt Yurt linings, known as Jawakybash.

Handmade Pure Wool Felt Decor from Kyrgyzstan

We are one of the only European suppliers to offer the traditional Kyrgyz Felt Yurt décor. These feature incredible colour combinations, from the kaleidoscopic to natural tones in spectacular tribal designs, and add an incredible finish to any yurt.

Handcrafted and Sustainable

Originating in the Tan Shien mountains, these items have been meticulously hand crafted in the same way for over two and half thousand years. We have ethically sourced our suppliers from local cooperatives on fairtrade principles. Many are hand crafted in the nomadic villages by traditional artisans and womens cooperative organisations. We also supply the decorative hand woven bands used to secure the Yurt roof poles.

Traditional Artisan Products

Felt making is traditionally the domain of women. Using skills handed down through generations, the felted wool is made by hand, using only natural materials. The wool is provided by sheep that accompany the nomads. Colours and patterns are created by using natural dyes, with artificial dyes being only relatively recent. The felt is personalised and decorated using highly skilled and elaborate embroidery techniques.

Made to Order

Although we keep a good number of Shyrdaks and Jawakybashs’ in stock, many of the products we order on demand from our suppliers, so there is a waiting time for some items. Please enquire for any specific orders.

About Us

Hearthworks was formed in 1999 when its founder, Tara Weightman, decided to invest in his passion for simple living under canvas.

Initially Hearthworks organised the manufacture and supply of North American (Sioux) style Tipis both in the UK and abroad. Learning about Tipis from friends, books and communities, Hearthworks continually improved the materials and design of its Tipis and pioneered the use of Tipi Rain-catchers in the UK.

Over the next couple of years Hearthworks began to provide Tipis for hire and started to manufacture central Asian style Yurts from local coppiced wood. At that time Yurts were not that well known in the UK, and Tara teamed up with Mick Sams, a local Yurt enthusiast who was already making traditional Yurt frames.

Hearthworks Yurts began to be manufactured from steam-bent English Ash and kept the Turkic style with curved roof poles and a steam-bent roof-wheel. After travelling to meet Yurt makers in central Asia, Tara started to import traditional felt Yurt covers, felt decorations and willow Yurt frames from Kyrgyzstan.

Soon Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts were being used the world over – from the Australian bush to the tropical beaches of Costa Rica, from high in the Himalayas to the deserts of Sinai. Our experience of these different environments has given us direct insights into how these structures function best, and helped to develop best practice for our manufacturing standards.

Hearthworks as a company is very much family and community based, and both Mick’s wife, Nichole, and Tara’s brother, Kai, joined the team as Office Manager and seasonal Production Manager respectively. There is a wonderful group of local friends and artisans involved in Hearthworks, from handcrafting the wood-burning Stoves and decking floors, to unloading the lorries and sewing the canvas. As interest in Tipis and Yurts in the UK has grown, so has the business, and the summer season is now a roller coaster of event after event.

Tara by a Tipi
Tara by a Tipi
Hearthworks shed and team
Hearthworks shed and team
Tara Weightman - Founder
Nichole Messier - Navigator
Kai Weightman - Pioneer
Rico Aalst - Maker
Dedicated Sewing Team
Mick Sams - Woodsmith
Yard Heros

Ethos and Ethics

At Hearthworks we are committed as individuals and as a company to ensure we have minimal impact on our environment throughout every aspect of the work we do, ranging from efficient transport logistics planning through to adept choices in energy supplies for our needs.

We believe our attitude in looking forward to a sustainable future is paramount for the welfare of the next generation and continually re-assess ourselves to strive towards improving our standards.

Our Mission:

  • To help others enjoy Tipis and Yurts and experience the goodness in simple living, close to the earth.
  • To manufacture the finest quality Tipis and Yurts, that are as practical and durable as possible, while maintaining their traditional and aesthetic qualities, and to continually assess and improve our designs.
  • To provide beautiful Tipis and Yurt for hire, that inspire and uplift people, and give a taste of how wonderful these spaces can be.
  • To aim for standards of excellence in both our manufacturing and our hire service, and maintain the best possible relationships with our clients.
  • To be an ethical business, community based, and act responsibly towards people and planet, supporting fair trade, local artisans and all the people who work with us.
  • To promote cultural awareness and the wisdom of indigenous peoples, and support the survival of ancient skills, tribal crafts and traditional knowledge.

Ethics in Action:

  • Our Yurt frames and Tipi poles are all made from local, sustainably sourced wood.
  • Tipi and Yurt Covers all made from robust long-lasting Polycotton Canvas.
  • After sales servicing, repairs and advice ensures our products are used for their maximum lifespan.
  • Many of our products are biodegradable, eg. wooden frames, tipi poles, tent pegs, pure wool felt covers, coconut matting.
  • Staff and sub-contractors based in local community and utilising car-sharing wherever possible .
  • Our choice of vehicles and transport companies prioritises fuel efficiency and reducing mileage.
  • Our yard and office heating and hot water systems have been made as efficient as possible.
  • All our lighting demands at our base and at off-grid locations are met by use of energy saving CFL bulbs and as they expire are replaced with LED lighting.


Commitment to Sustainability:

We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts as much as possible and where we can to actually have a positive impact on the world around us.

Reducing negative impacts:

  • We recycle all waste, excluding wood which we use as fuel for heating, and biological waste which we compost.
  • Insulation – our office and main sewing area are insulated and we have identified and dealt with draughts.
  • We use and prefer local suppliers and family businesses, where this is not possible we use fairtrade products and environmentally friendly cleaning products. We are proud to have many fine craftsmen on board.

Maximising positive impacts

  • We offer meaningful work and training to people in our local area. We are proud of successfully starting a manufacturing company on the UK and offering our skilled workers good wages. No sweatshops or child labour is involved in our products!
  • The products we import from the Kyrgyz Republic are purchased according to fair trade principles and support a traditional cottage industry of local handicraft products that are not available in the UK.
  • We seek to have a positive impact in the world around us. We plant trees and respect the land upon which we work. We encourage our clients to respect nature and improve their land if they can.
  • Overall, we seek to help our customers reconnect with nature and remember that we are part of the web of life.